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Miryam is the story of the birth of Jesus but with a twist: it is told from the point of view of Mary and the women involved.

Music by Mary Knickle

(Except "I Sing of A Maiden")

Text is based on a medival poem


Miryam: Sarah Myatt
Yoseph: Adam Kristenson
Rachel: Nina Scott-Stoddart
Abrim: Bob Quinn
Esther: Eva Ernst
Angels: Jane and Madelyn Chiasson, Tessa Ferguson, Holly and Laurel Genge, Alexandria Hillier, Emerald Lake



1st Violin - Kirsty Money
2nd Violin - Heather Kristenson
Viola - Ruth Burton
Cello -  Ariel Blanchard


The composer has tried to make the scene as authentic as possible as Miryam focuses on the humanistic aspects of the nativity. Midwives are used in the birthing scene. Joseph and Mary would have been sephardic jews so jewish sephardic music weaves in and out of the songs. Their Hebrew names Yoseph and Miryam are used. Joseph and Mary would have spoken Aramaic and prayed in Hebrew. Hebrew prayers were commonly used and two authentic prayers are included - one unaccompanied after their long journey and the 2nd Joseph says while Mary is giving birth.

The piece has tender and funny moments (So Strong - when Joseph panics at the labour pains) to tender moments (Miryam’s opening song, and her song to God to the Finale “A Mother’s Love”).

Miryam can be performed with minimal props in a church. A bench can be used as the Donkey to the birthing bench. The recording is with string quartet but piano and organ arrangements are available.


January 5th, 2013, United Chruch, Bridgewater Nova Scotia
January 6th, 2013, St John’s Anglican Church, Lunenburg Nova Scotia

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